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Chirs Collagen Hair Color Shampo Chirs Collagen Hair Color Shampo
Chirs Collagen Hair Color Shampo
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Easy Dye, Easy to Clean,
Long Lasting Holding Fast Hair Dye
Fashion! Easy! convenient! Be different yourself!1, before making the hair dye, please do a skin test first, if there is no problem, then can start the hair dye.2, when starting to make hair dye, please make sure the hair is dry when doing hair dye, do not add water after making hair dye, then can wash the hair with water.3, For black color, usually need 5-10 minutes, ,Then can wash your hair.4, Note: After putting the dry shampoo on the hair, massage it for a few minutes, do not scratch it with your nails, so as not to hurt the scalp, please use your fingers to massage your hair.
Argan Oil Dark Brown Hair Shampoo It also nourishes, protects and repairs the scalp. Compared with traditional hair dye, it has the advantage of being low-cost, and convenient time.1. convenientEasy operation, wear gloves and squeeze the shampoo in RUB 3 minutes just like using normal shampoo.2. Save timeIt only takes time to give black color shining in 5-25 minutes.3. Save energyCompared to the expensive price for hair dye in hair salon, black hair shampoo is more than 10 times cheaper.4. Natural and MildNatural argan oil black hair magic shampoo is a high quality hair-care product in a luxurious natural formula, there will be no harm to the hair nor the scalp when it gives black and shining hair.

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